how to make your eyelashes appear longer with false lashes

how to make your eyelashes appear longer with false lashes

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Length and shape are genetic characteristics, but there are little tricks to make eyelashes appear longer, find out how. Let us get how to make your eyelashes appear longer with false lashes.

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The best allies of long eyelashes


Apply eyeliner near the lash line. Choose a slightly darker tone than their natural color, this way it will give the impression that they are thicker.

Eyelash curler

The flat eyelashes immediately appear shorter. How to make them look longer? Use the eyelash curler: start by pressing on the roots and slide towards the tips. Be careful to use it gently to avoid tearing or weakening them.


How to apply the mascara in the right way? Place the brush at the lash line and make zigzag movements to separate them and make them longer. Start from the central area of ​​the eye, proceeding first with the external lashes and then with the internal ones.

Fake eyelashes

If you want longer eyelashes but don’t know how to do it, some tufts of false eyelashes could be what you need. To apply them correctly, put a little glue on the back of your hand, wet the base and position it as close as possible to your natural eyelashes.

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Always remember to remove the rims: leaving it on your eyelashes could weaken them and break them.

The thick and long eyelashes make the eyes more expressive and large. If Mother Nature has not been too generous with you, giving you short and not very thick eyelashes, then you can use false eyelashes. Learn to apply them best thanks to our guide.

Step-by-step procedure

The first thing you need to do is measure your eyelashes. In fact, before proceeding with the glue, you need to be sure that the eyelashes are the right length for your eyes. Place the false eyelashes on the eyelids and check their length. If you think they are too long, you can cut them with a pair of scissors . A little tip: to have a more natural look and look better, remember that the lashes that are on the outer corner of the eye must be longer. Now create a thin strip of false eyelash glue on your dominant hand and place it gently on the glue, the lashes to apply. Now, starting from the top and not in front , try to glue the eyelashes as close as possible to the natural ones. At this point, position the eyelashes, let the glue dry in the air in a natural way, without making any pressure. To make the false eyelashes mix with your natural eyelashes, apply mascara as you usually do. To get the best effect, use black, gray or brown mascara.

Eyelash removal

Now that the application of false eyelashes has been successful, you can proceed with tricks and tips to look more beautiful. On the upper eyelid, apply liquid eyeliner. Again, you will need to use a black, gray or brown makeup. As you proceed with the eyeliner application, make sure you fill in all the spaces between the natural and the fake eyelashes(want find one pro lash extensions supplies? you can click here ).

Now, you’re ready for your evening! In addition to the application of false eyelashes, however, many wonder how it is possible to proceed delicately to their removal, without causing damage. Well, here are our tips. False eyelashes can be removed with simple makeup remover. Apply the makeup remover on a cotton stick and pass it on the area where you applied the false eyelashes. Leave it on for about a minute and then gently remove the false eyelashes, trying not to take the natural ones with you! Again, proceed with an upward movement. Finished! Before concluding our guide, however, let me give you some other useful advice:

  • To remove the traces of glue from the eyelids, dip a cotton stick in the make-up remover and proceed gently
  • To avoid eye irritation, always remove false eyelashes before going to bed, even if you are super tired!
  • To proceed to a perfect application of false eyelashes, do it in a well-lit place
  • On the market, in addition to the strip false eyelashes, there are also individual ones. To apply them, proceed from the outside of the eye to the inside

To best apply false eyelashes, the trick is to apply the glue at least 15 seconds before applying them. The glue, in fact, must dry a few seconds to adhere perfectly to the eyelids.